Training alone is good, but when it comes to fun and efficiency, there is still a lot of room for improvement, because the trend is clearly towards joint workouts. Sports sessions with friends, your sports buddy or even work colleagues are enjoying increasing popularity and we have 5 good reasons for you why you shouldn’t miss this experience!

Further, faster, higher, more

It really works! It has been proven that exercising with others challenges you to your personal best. And not just because the idea of ​​competition comes into play. You want to prove something to yourself and the others and show yourself from your best side. Alone in training you will be more relaxed than with your friends. Studies show that when you do sport together you not only give more at once, but also generally persevere longer. Another plus point: You support each other and those with more experience can share their tips and tricks on how they got their stamina and skills. That inspires and awakens your ambition to achieve that too.

Combining the pleasant with the effective sounds like a really perfect combination, doesn’t it? We guarantee that the fun factor with your friends will multiply while working out. Not only that the time flies by, laughing together and sweating together ensures that everything is easier for you. Then the 10 kilometers feel like a lot less and the weights are not as heavy as usual. A psychological effect is also guaranteed, because the fun factor ensures that the workout is saved as a positive experience in your head and the next time it is yours Inner weaker self disappeared and you’re already looking forward to the upcoming session.

Looking for friends? Almost nowhere are friendships made as quickly as in team sports. Connect common interests and you have something to talk about to exchange ideas and get to know each other better. Exercising also makes you hungry, which is why the time after your workout is perfect for healthy food in a group. But you can not only make new friends, sport together is also a real asset for team building in your job. Often everyone is sitting at their own thing and the small talk in between doesn’t really bring you closer to your colleagues. During sporting activities with the team, you get to know them from a different angle and that benefits the workflow and the working atmosphere.

Humans are creatures of habit and often like to stick to what they know. This also applies to sports. Once you have found a course that you like or a sport that you are good at, you quickly begin to familiarize yourself with it and not try anything new. But Urban Sports Club offers you such an unbelievably large selection of different sports that it would be a shame to only move in your comfort zone. So swap your visits to the gym with headphones on the cross trainer for new, exciting sports! In a group you become more courageous to try things out that you might not have thought you could have done on your own. How about, for example, a padel match with your friends, a round of bouldering in a team or just hanging out with your colleagues upside down during your lunch break with aerial yoga?

Why you still train alone up to now, make sure you also plan joint workouts. So just suggest an “active” lunch break in the office or turn the upcoming dinner into a sports meeting with your friends. Even on real dates, you can benefit from joint workouts because you can find out much faster that you have a real connection.

In whatever combination – joint training units are always a real benefit!