Right on time for the beginning of the year, most of us have probably decided to do more sport again. With so many new and not yet explored sports and courses on offer, it is not that easy to keep track of things. We took a look at the habits of our community for you and were able to identify 5 cool fitness trends for the coming year.

Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee showed the way: The combination of self-control, coordination and muscle strength in boxing or freefighting is attracting increasing interest from both men and a growing number of women. Since your entire body is trained in martial arts, the exercises are ideal as a holistic fitness program. In addition to strengthening your cardiovascular system and consuming high calories, there is another powerful side effect: During a workout, you have the opportunity to really work out and reduce anger, stress and frustration. So get in!

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Sexiness conquers the fitness industry

If you scroll through the Urban Sports Club app, you will also find erotic-sounding workouts, such as chair Dance, Burlesque, Booty Therapy or Striptease and Floor. In addition to pole dance, you can also train your whole body with these increasingly popular dance and acrobatics units and at the same time boost your body awareness and self-confidence. And anyone who now thinks this is only for women is not entirely correct. In many studios, men are also welcome clubbers – some even offer extra courses where men can train together on the bar

Desert heat during training or cold chamber afterwards

From hot yoga to the brrr trend – extreme temperatures are both during relaxation and after Workout more and more important. There are hardly any limits to the possibilities: Be it doing yoga at 30 – 40 ° C room temperature or simply standing up to your shoulders in a -150 ° C ice box after training. Both methods are perfect for your health. In extreme heat, muscles, tendons and fasciae are stretched better, the circulation is stimulated and tension and blockages are released.

In the ice box you will find yourself in the other extreme: the cold has a positive effect on your muscles, especially after a workout. Your body can regenerate faster after the exercise, which increases your performance and endurance in the long term.

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Through many small movements and repetitions to success: Barre is more a holistic fitness training than a pure stage dance – so it is suitable for everyone. The barre combines fitness elements with classic ballet. And that has it all: Because the movements appeal to both deeper and larger muscle groups and also demand your mental strength. Even if your legs, buttocks and arms are already on fire: perseverance is worth it!

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Short and intense workouts

Great effects within a very short time – that’s what EMS, Bootcamp and HIIT courses promise. The intense workouts burn a lot of calories and have a great training effect on your strength and endurance. Especially in group courses you strengthen the sense of community so that giving up should not be an option. The training is usually completed in 30 – 60 minutes – ideal to easily integrate it into your everyday life or to get your colleagues excited about it during the lunch break.

Whether in a group or alone: ​​If you want to start the new year really fit, you should be able to find the right fitness course for you. With our fitness trends 2021 it will definitely not be boring. And variety not only avoids one-sided stress, it is also half the battle to stay on the ball with sporting activities and to keep the fun in the long run.

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