Most of us have already experienced it for ourselves: Sport not only makes you strong, but also has numerous positive influences on the psyche.

That is why it is important to regularly include low-impact sports such as yoga, Pilates or barre in your training plan in addition to your high-intensity training. These ensure an optimal balance and also have great effects on your mindset.

Focus on you

It is not for nothing that yoga continues to enjoy growing popularity: This is where the effects on the psyche are often most noticeable. In a world that is getting faster and faster and we are mostly only in the “outside”, we urgently need a place of retreat. “Taking time for yourself” has become a scarce resource and at the same time the experience is so important. Because only with the focus on yourself can you feel what your body needs right now and this knowledge lets you develop more mindfulness. In this way you can strengthen your psyche in order to draw more strength for the stressful everyday life. Vinyasa Flow Yoga, for example, also stimulates your energy flows and ensures that you feel relaxed and energized at the same time after training.

Memory workout

If you train a lot, you also train the brain. As a perfect balance to sitting in the office, you can also improve your memory performance with many sports. Coordination exercises are particularly suitable for this. When combining two sports, such as with TRX Pilates, you face the challenge of coordinating both. The same applies to learning a choreography while dancing. Completely different areas of your brain are addressed, which ensure that you can then score points with new ideas in your work life.

Sport is the happiness factor

Numerous studies prove it: Those who do sport regularly are happier on average. The reason for this is the increased release of the happiness hormone serotonin. It lifts your mood and ensures that you store what you have experienced in a positive way. This in turn increases the motivation for the next sports session and literally catapults you into an upward spiral. But sport can do more: it can increase self-confidence. After a strong barre lesson, which combines a dancer warm-up with strength exercises, you feel proud that you have persevered and thus automatically receive an ego push.

Sport connects

We only experienced it a few days ago: The magic of group sport! This was particularly noticeable at our community event in the JOHN & JANE’S SOULBASE. Together they fought their way through Strong Barre training, mastered the TRX Pilates workout and then relaxed with Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Mutual motivation and the will to tackle something together can make a difference. Many friendships are also made in this way, because common sports interests connect. This ensures that there is enough to talk about and appointments for further sports dates or a healthy dinner afterwards are almost certain. You can get even more reasons for community sport here.

Whether reducing stress, balancing out everyday life or learning new motor skills – sport not only makes you fit, it also lets you grow mentally. You learn things about yourself that you would never have known if you had stayed on the couch. And let’s be honest: who likes to report proudly from their series marathon when they can tackle a real one together with their sports buddies and then feel as if they are from the Marvel universe. 😉

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