Whether during sports, in the office or in everyday life – people who are particularly self-confident and attractive are always noticed. If you take a closer look, you will see that a lot of this positive aura results from their posture.

But there is more to it than that: Good posture promotes your health and guarantees that you will stay fit and flexible into old age. It keeps your muscles in balance, reduces the risk of injury during sports, optimizes your figure and thus provides positive signals in terms of body language.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to become a professional dancer or attend lifelong physiotherapy courses to improve your posture. Just follow our tips and you will notice step by step great successes on the way to the ideal posture.

1. Keep moving

Regular activity is really the be-all and end-all for optimal posture. Remaining in one position for too long and straining the muscles on one side is a no-go. Therefore, use every opportunity in everyday life: take the stairs instead of the elevator, leave the car and cover the distances by bike or take more walks in the fresh air as a small break in between. This not only benefits your body, but also has a positive effect on your mental fitness.

2. Self-Correction

Become your own personal trainer and correct yourself as often as possible if you find yourself in a bad posture. Keep using mirrors and shop windows to check your current posture and adjust it. At some point you no longer need active reminders, instead the body begins to correct itself and implement the new posture.

3. Workplace optimization

Many of us spend most of our day in the office and that means more or less in the same sitting position. Increase the variance here: Do you have a height-adjustable desk? Great, use it! Try to take different positions on your office chair or even replace it with a Pezzi ball. That way you won’t even be tempted to hang yourself in the chair like a wet sack. Bring the screen to eye level and neck problems have no chance.

4. Helpful tools

There are numerous aids that support you on the way to a new posture. The sitting ball just mentioned is just one of them. Try to be more attentive in general: For example, if you always wake up in the morning with back pain, this is a clear sign that you should change something. A flatter pillow and a harder mattress can go a long way. For an immediate effect, there are so-called “straight holders”, a type of back bandage that actively and invisibly corrects your shoulder position when worn under clothing.

5. Balance exercises

Correct standing also needs to be learned: Stand hip-width apart and actively pull your shoulders back and down, pull your chin back until your head “rests” on your neck in an upright position. Shift your weight a little forward on the balls of your feet and do not push your knees all the way down, but keep them slightly bent. To do this, pull in your stomach slightly and tense your buttocks. In order to increase the effectiveness even further, any balance exercises are perfect. These improve your body tension and strengthen your core. Whether holding the “tree” during yoga or even for a minute in the plank position: All of the muscles in your body are used and you are forced to balance yourself in order to be able to hold the position.

6. Varied training

Always using the same equipment in the gym and not stretching afterwards can quickly lead to one-sided stress. Therefore, the following applies here: Attend different sports and courses! The more different muscle groups are used, the healthier it is for your body. In this way, he automatically adopts a good posture and shortened or stiff muscles have no chance. Any dance forms – whether bachata or ballet -, yoga, functional training and martial arts that involve conscious and controlled movements are particularly good for your posture. So take a look at our sports offer for suitable courses in your area and get started!

The path to great posture is easier than expected, because implementing our tips pays off and even automates itself after a while. Even if it requires a little self-discipline and perseverance at the beginning to implement new things: As soon as the body notices that it is doing better in the new posture, it repeatedly moves into this position on its own. New body awareness and self-confidence push – here you go!

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